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If you seem to be having trouble with your drinking, or if your drinking has reached the point where it worries you a bit, you may be interested in learning about Alcoholics Anonymous and the A.A. program of recovery.
Alcoholism is an illness that affects men and women of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. To us, it doesn’t matter how much, where, or what you drink. What matters is how alcohol affects you.
All the great faiths are represented in our Fellowship, there are also atheists and agnostics among us. Belief in, or adherence to, a formal creed is not a condition of membership. We are united by our common problem, alcohol. Meeting and talking and helping other alcoholics together, we are somehow able to stay sober and to lose the compulsion to drink, once a dominant force in our lives. We do not think we are the only people who have the answer to problem drinking. We know that the A.A. program works for us, and we have seen it work for every newcomer, almost without exception, who honestly and sincerely wanted to quit drinking.

Only you can decide if you are an alcoholic however Alcoholics Anonymous has prepared a list of 12 questions that can perhaps prove helpful 
     Below are some links to pamphlets produced by our General Service Office.  
copies are also available for free at meetings.
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